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“The course is getting wonderful feedback from all the men” – Prison Chaplain speaking about Christianity Explored

For several years, Daylight and Christianity Explored have been working closely together.

Because many offenders have literacy problems, Christianity Explored and Daylight have developed a Prison Edition of Christianity Explored (CEPE), which was launched in October 2012.

Stephen James (left) led the team responsible for developing the new course. Stephen is the Director of Prison Ministry at Christianity Explored and having spent four years inside himself he is very acutely aware of the problems faced when trying to run a course which engages prisoners with the Christian faith. 

Stephen has developed various courses which can be adapted to different prison contexts and time slots.They use visual and creative methods to engage prisoners with the material.

Stephen trains Daylight’s prison volunteers to run Christianity Explored in a suitable way for prisoners and Daylight runs Christianity Explored Prison Edition and Discipleship Explored in a growing number of prisons across the UK.

Please continue to pray for Daylight and Christianity Explored as we work together to reach more prisoners with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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